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Creating a Tranquil Master Suite

Well, the second phase of our home remodel is now complete! Whhhheeew! What started as an In-law Suite Addition to our home is now our new Master Suite. My Mother In-law was with us for just about a year, and now she has found the perfect place for her and her husband near by and I think it has all worked out perfectly! I spent almost a month moving and cleaning and decorating this space to be our perfect room. Come check it out!


Alright, well every design always starts with some inspo right!? I may have watched Yellowstone once and decided to pack our bags, leave the beach and move to the wilderness. Until my husband told me I would only be able to handle Montana maybe two months of the year...and he is totally right. He always is. So I settled with creating a space that reminded me of that fresh air, the rolling hills, and the roaming animals. I wanted to include those things but also keep it elegant, the perfect mix and balance.

All the Senses

A pretty room only does so much. It is essential to not only have visual interest but also touch/feel and scent, especially in an intimate place such as bedrooms. Combining these in a balanced will help turn a standard room into a truly tranquil space.

The easiest place to add texture in your bedroom is the bedding. Our bedding has layer upon layer of different textures. From a super soft linen duvet, to the embroidered statement throw pillows. By adding various fabrics I was able to create the perfect comfy, relaxed feel.

Finding the perfect scent can be difficult. For a bedroom you want something subtle and not too overwhelming. Candles are always a good choice but they aren't ideal for providing a constant fragrance which I prefer. I love candles! But here in this room I use them for looks and not scent. Instead I found an amazing diffuser that delivers that subtle clean crips scent I was looking for for this design.

Mix it up

It's great to choose a color palette and theme but make sure to mix it up so it stays visually interesting and doesn't become dull. A pop of color, here and there. A mixture of metals and wood. Various shapes and sizes of pillows and decor items. And don't forget to use several different heights on either wall hangings or decor to keep your eyes moving and draw height to the room making it feel larger.

My favorite design element I was able to add to this room was the over head wall sconces. I wanted something unique, somewhat of a statement but also very functional. So when I decided to do these lights, I was thrilled with the outcome. Not only are they a beautiful addition but adding lights higher up on the wall rather than on the bedside table, draws your eyes up and really does create a much larger space. Just by that little feature! It also freed up space on our nightstand which are on the smaller side.


As much as I love a new beautiful piece of furniture or accessory, there is a time where repurposing something you already have can be the perfect fit. Sometimes I can't find exactly what I have imagined in my head or I think...well this could be transformed! And seeing something old and maybe run down turn into something amazing is pretty satisfying. SO, thats what I did here. I transformed both my dressers and nightstand to fit into this design. They turned out perfect!

Now time, to relax, enjoy and soak up all the beauty of this room! Till next time friends!


Kai & Krew Design

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