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Home for the Holidays (aren't we all!)

Ok, so I know most of us are pretty much "Home for the Holidays" this year! With closures, restricted travel, family members not wanting to get together, I think all of us can use some extra holiday cheer!

So I wanted to share a few decorations in my home that help make it a bit more cozy, a bit more cheerful and a lot more festive. I need all I can get (lets be honest).


An Extra Tree!

My smartest move this year was to get two trees. One for the kids and one for, well, me. Even though our house is small, I ended up putting a smaller tree in our dining room and l let

the kids hang all their special, handmade, whatever they wanted ornaments on it! They put them where ever they wanted and they are allowed to touch, rehang, move ect. That means for MY tree, it's all mine! Finally a pretty a tree! I have been waiting 9 years to be able to hang beautiful glass ornaments and I couldn't love it more!

A few Special Spots

I usually try to keep the decorations to a minimal and focus on a few special areas. The tree (of course), the mantel, and the dining table. I love a good table set up. Every holiday I change it up and it makes me so HAPPY.

A lot of my decorations this year came from Target (you can't go wrong there). The Hearth and Hand brand is so my style! The stockings are Hearth and Hand and I ordered custom wooden tags from Etsy, which I spray painted gold. For my tablescape this season I took some of my older pieces, (the garland and the wooden tree stand) and added in Hearth and Hand vases and candle stick holders as well as Williams Sonoma stoneware.

For the kids, and to add some fun to our kitchen island, I set up a Hot Cocoa Bar. It has been a huge hit. The kids love it and so do I! This tiered stand from Pottery Barn has come in handy over the years, from parties, dinners and just a beautiful way to display our fruit!

Where's it From!?

See below for links of items above! I hope you all have enjoyed creating some special spots in your home.


Dipped Stool -Serena & Lily

Stockings - Hearth & Hand

Stocking Name Tags - Etsy

Amber Glass Vases - Hearth & Hand

Amber Glass Candle Holders - Hearth & Hand

Sage Green Stoneware Plates - Williams Sonoma

Galvanized Tiered Stand - Pottery Barn

Christmas Mugs - Threshold Target

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