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How to Create a Holiday Table that Will Swoon

For some reason creating holiday tablescapes are one of my favorite things to do! Maybe it's because we do not use our beautiful dining room table nearly enough or maybe it helps me create that special holiday feeling that creeps in this time of year. Whatever it is I know that when I see a beautiful table set up I get totally swoon. So follow along on some tips and ideas to add this to your holiday decorating list!

Where to Start!

As with any project I take on, I always start planning around a color scheme. This gets the ball rolling. This year I wanted to do something less traditional for the Thanksgiving season but also keep an elegant touch. I chose rose pink for a pop of color with whites, golds and greenery to balance and compliment each other. I really loved how this color combo turned out. When you choose a color you want to pop, make sure you include it in a couple of different ways. I created depth in this table decor by using rose pink in a number of shades, textures and mediums.


You can NEVER go wrong with greenery (yes I said it one more time)! I created a base for the table setting with eucalyptus garlands. Wrapping two of them throughout to create a more full look. I decided to use faux garland for this for a couple of reasons. One; it was easier to find!

And two; it can be used over and over through out different holidays or even on the mantle which is another look I love! Even though the artificial garland isn't quite as beautiful as a real one, I am covering a lot of it up with various items so it helps hide some of the not so pretty areas!

And of course FRESH flowers are always a favorite! I used them here to create height and be visually stimulating. My go to spot to pick up beautiful arrangements or single flower pieces is good 'ol Trader Joe's. They always have the best flowers!

"If everything is at the same level, you'll have less movement and therefore it will be less interesting."

The one I got here had a few yellow flowers in them so I just plucked those out and rearranged a bit. Incorporating varying heights of items on your table is important to balance the design and move your eye throughout, picking up on each detail. It is to sure create a more interesting table decor!


I don't think I could put together a Thanksgiving table decor without pumpkins, it just wouldn't feel right! I also wanted to keep it classy and elegant, so simple solid colored pumpkins it was. I was able to get a great set of multiple sized white pumpkins off of Amazon, some I left white and the others I painted gold and pink. The bigger pumpkins are from Hobby Lobby. They were a greenish color to start (yuuck) but a few coats of paint and they turned out perfect for this table.


Last but not least create layers through out the table! This can be done with the plating, the centerpieces, napkins and silverware. In my table setting I used gold charges with beading to layer the plates and create texture. That texture I followed through with the beading on the glasses. This created a cohesive look. I also layered the heck out of the centerpiece, starting with the greenery, adding candles and pumpkins until I played around enough and loved the look. If it's not working at first, keep playing around!!

I hope you are able to use some of my tips and create a magical table setting for your holidays to come! Good Luck!


Kai + Krew



Garland - Amazon

Votive Holders - Hobby Lobby

Dinner Plates - Crate and Barrel

Napkins - H&M

Gold Charges - Williams Sonoma

Paintable Pumpkins - Amazon

Large Vase - Target

Gold Silverware - Target

Tall Tumbler - Nordstroms

Short Tumbler - Nordstroms

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