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Simple Guide to a Designer Bathroom

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

You can scour that Pinterest page all day long, pin all your favorite vanities, showers, knicks and knacks, but what to focus on? Where to start!? It can all be so overwhelming I know! Whether you are tackling a small bathroom refresh or going full boogy and completely knocking it all out, there are simple ways you can achieve that designer bathroom that everyone will be in awe of!

Mixed Metals

Picking out all your finishing touches can be one of the most fun parts of any remodel. But don't always get stuck on the idea that EVERYTHING must match. Can they? Sure. Do they HAVE to? Absolutely not.

"Mixed metals can add pattern, dimension and an additional layer of design to your space."

This is a great eye-catching feature for any bathroom. An easy way to do this is to pick two finishes. Black metals are a great starting point and can be mixed and match with almost any other metal. Decide which features will match and which will contrast. Play around! You can have the mirror and faucet match in one finish and the light fixture and pulls match in another. Again..PLAY AROUND!

Statement Tile

I know this one is intimidating for most but this small detail can add HUGE design points! Sometimes patterns can be a bit overwhelming but when used in the right way and in the right space the results can be breathtaking.

There are so many reasons why bathrooms are the perfect place for this design feature.

  1. Space is small, inexpensive and easy to change.

  2. Variety of places to use; behind the vanity, floor, shower walls, shower basin.

  3. Can cross over multiple design styles. Modern, traditional, eclectic, contemporary.

Some of my Favorites


Add some Greenery!

This one is easy! It doesn't really matter where, countertop, shelf, floor or even hanging, pick a spot and add a plant. You will be amazed at how quickly it will liven up the space and even create a more relaxing environment.

If you are brave, go real! But be careful and make sure the plant is one that can survive a humid environment. OR if you are like me and want easy, go fake. There are so many great fake plants out there. They are easy, look amazing and most of the time you can't tell the difference!


Bathrooms, for obvious reasons, can feel cold and hard. But another simple way to change it up and add warmth to the space is texture. Your first thought would be a rug or hand towels and yes these are definitely a great start. Also think of other ways, such has woven baskets. If you have shelves they make awesome storage bins and it is one of my favorite decor items in a bathroom. If you have the space try adding a large woven basket to the floor space and filling with rolled towels. All these things will only add comfort and warmth to you bathroom. Easy right!?

Having a beautiful bathroom in your home is not out of reach! Even if you are not in the market for hiring a designer to help you, you can still make some simple changes to create a dreamy space. Bathrooms are important parts of a home. And they often selling features for a reason. Everyone loves a beautiful bathroom. So go! Get started on making that space one you have dreamed of! Good Luck!!


Kai + Krew



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